Personalised Digital Marketing Perspectives and Practices in Tourism Industry


  • Dr. Bijay Prasad Kushwaha


Digital marketing is becoming popular and every organisation is trying to promote their
business through digital adverting platforms. The service industry is known for
personalisation where services are personalised as per the requirement of customers. This
ensures customer's satisfaction and helps in retaining existing customers. This paper studies
the various forms of digital marketing tools that can be applied to destination services
marketing in a personalised way. This study covers five digital marketing tools such as search
engines, email, banner ads, social media, and online video ads. The convenience sampling
techniques used to select 423 respondents from Noida city, India. The finding suggests that
email, social media, and online video are more effective personalised digital marketing tools
for the tourism industry. Search engine marketing is based on keyword selection therefore
personalisation may be difficult. SPSS Amos 23.0 was used to analyse and interpret the
empirical data


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