Development of A Quality Management System Through Risk-Based Thinking


  • M Mukhibat



Risk is an uncertainty that causes a loss for an organization, in terms of both reputation and incompatibility between a product and its specified standard. This research is conducted in Ponorogo State Islamic Institute (IAIN Ponorogo), focusing on the risks occurring and the way to overcome the risks by implementing risk-based thinking (RBT) in Quality Management System. This research uses a qualitative methods, and data collection was done by observation at the implementation of programs, interviews, FGD, and analysis of documents. The results show that the risks occur in the aspects of planning, service, performance, management, and budget that give further implications for the reputation of the study program. The implementation of RBT through assessment and program improvement in IAIN Ponorogo can successfully identify the risks and play a role in preventive action in maintaining the quality of the study programs in IAIN Ponorogo


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2020-11-01 — Updated on 2020-11-12


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