• Amaninder Kaur


Present scenario of the media more into the digital media or can say that news portals are the best example of the media convergence. As there are more approaches for the audience to gather the information regarding anything happing in the surrounding or world but for gaining that information people don’t have that much time to spend in front of television or newspaper. So, in this case, news portal of different news channels and newspaper focus on making the place in the busy schedule of audience to gain more and more popularity. Apart the popularity of News portal, Newspaper and television channel lose the interest of audience in their content of news. Because news portal more focusing on viewership instead of content. As the broadcast main three objectives: entertainment, information and education, but the News portal are mainly working on entertainment only. The content of news portal is focusing on the advertising content. No doubt they aren’t doing directly but the link of their news not that much worth as the news is there. In this study, researcher examine the content analysis of different news portal of different news channels and newspaper for observe the content. The main objectives of the study is to examine the preference of audience in between social media page of the news channel and news portalof thespecific Media. And to state out that is really worth for their news portal to showing the unnecessary content for just entertainment of the audience. Researcher took various news portals for these objectives to justify. Basically, sometimes news portal content is non essential for the audience but it is helpful to lure the audience into it. Researcher give the new name to news portal is “Split media”. Split media is more into the media convergence likewise news portal is mixture of newspaper and television and collectively it makes online media. Thus, in this research paper will find out that which kind of content is there on different portal for the allurements of the audience and gaining the more popularity among the society. On another hand that finds out the main agenda of the portal likewise they want profit or satisfaction of audience with providing them information.


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