• Samiksha Jain , Dr. Kamaljeet Kaur


Social Media, a part of Digital Media helps its users to communicate and interact with each other
globally with the help of user-generated content across various platforms. YouTube is one such platform
with millions of monthly active users in India in which more than 1200 creators is having more than 1
million Subscribers. In India, YouTube has emerged as platform of free speech & realistic notions
wherein the two-way communication is possible unlike traditional forms of media. Stereotyping of Sex
is extremely palpable in TV portrayal of male and female characters in their prearranged roles.
Unendingly male personality qualities are highlighted on television. While, women in the planet of TV
are portrayed as weaker sex as a maid disguised in the form of a wife, a mother etc. and presented as
dutiful and gripped in common family care and responsibilities, on the other hand men are portrayed as
office going and intelligent. With all these issues getting attention, more and more content is being
shared on YouTube that can be accessed for Free of Cost, though the basic requirement is Internet and a
Smartphone only. Web Series like Permanent Roommates talking about Live In Relationships, The
Period Song for breaking Menstruation Myths, Honest Indian Weddings by AIB targeting is over Big
Fat Indian Weddings, Unfair and Lovely Campaign is talking about the beauty of Dusky Complexion,
Feminism is a Problem by Vitamin Stree is talking about the literal meaning of Feminism and many
more are available on YouTube and has received a varied response from the viewer’s end. Therefore, the
paper explores to identify and analyze the content created by Indian YouTubers of YouTube in context
of challenging Indian Stereotypes focusing on all genders of the society. Futuristic approach would be to
understand the impact of these Indian YouTube videos challenging Indian Stereotypes irrespective of
gender on the lives of People.


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