• Sanchi Dhingra , Pramod Damle


Healthcare industry is excessively dependent on huge amounts of unstructured and
structured data leading to increased utilization of data mining and analysis techniques. Even
when the world is fighting with pandemics like Coronavirus, the healthcare quality provided by
various hospitals is a major concern making it necessary to streamline the process with trending
technologies and algorithms. This descriptive research focuses on the contemporary scenario and
the future scope of analytics in this field. It includes analysis of the current technologies like Big
data, predictive and prescriptive analytics for narrowing down the process of data usage. The
data is based upon patients’ demographics, history, insurance, payment and therefore can be
visualized efficiently by optimizing Data collection, requirement gathering, and feedback-based
improvement techniques. The paper examines the scope of advanced decision-making done by
using various available technologies like electronic health records and cloud computing. Its
objective is to reduce the time of data analysis, with increasing the cost-effectiveness in order to
benefit the Healthcare field, thereby simplifying the medical care process for institutions as well
as for common people. This study concludes with a comparative position of a few applications in
the related function available in the market.


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