• shikhar mittal, madhavi damle


Digital India is the Government of India initiated a program where it aims at transforming
India into a digitally empowered India. The program focuses on providing governance and services
on demand, creating countrywide digital infrastructure, & digitally empowering citizens. This paper
reflects a research attempt to understand the Digital India program and its possible impact on making
India digitally ready. The paper explores various initiatives, opportunities, and challenges associated
with the 9 pillars of Digital India which are Jobs in IT, Production of Electronics, Information to all,
Early Harvest Programme, Broadband connections, eKranti, E-Governance, Public Internet Access
and Universal Access to Phones. Where each of these projects seems to be helping and providing
benefits to the people of India. Still, there are some challenges that the citizens are facing. To name
some - illiteracy, socio-economic differences, technical & cultural constraints. This paper attempts to
describe and discuss the journey of making India a Digital India as well as the issues and challenges
faced along with possible future aspects. The research methodology is in the area of digital systems
that are transforming India. It is a concept paper and a descriptive study of literature from reliable
sources and reports.


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