• Maithili Chaudhury , Nilanjan Chakraborty


Businesses and occupations must remain consistent with social ethics or risk losing their
freedom. An important social ethical issue that has arisen over the past four decades is animal
welfare in various areas of human use. The ethical interest of the society has outgrown the
conventional morality of animal cruelty, which originated in biblical times and is embodied in
the laws of all civilized societies. There are five major reasons, most notably the substitution of
husbandry-based agriculture with industrial agriculture, for this new social concern. This loss of
husbandry to industry has threatened the traditional fair contract between humans and animals,
leading to significant animal suffering on four different fronts. Because such suffering is not
caused by cruelty, it was necessary to express social concerns with a new ethic for animals. Since
ethics is based on pre-existing ethics rather than ex nihilo, society has looked for its properly
modified ethics for humans to find moral categories that apply to animals. This concept of
legally encoded rights for animals has emerged as a plausible vehicle for reform. The paper
provides brief summary of the animal welfare board of India, legal capacity in order to possess
rights and tries to establish relation between legal personhood and rights.


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