• Prof. Prabir Kumar Pattnaik , Sidhartha Das


The current research paper describes about the laws against domestic violence in India.
The paper begins with defining the act of domestic violence and what all constitutes as domestic
violence. The paper then discusses the various types of domestic violence such as Physical
abuse, mental abuse, Psychological abuse and sexual abuse. The paper then talks about the laws
against domestic abuse which have been laid down in the Protection of Women from Domestic
Violence Act, 2009. The salient features of the Act have been discussed along with the loopholes
in the current system due to which the Act has not been able to be made properly effective. The
paper concludes with speaking about the need of awareness among the women to enable them to
speak against the infliction of domestic violence and the need of psychological aid for the
woman to overcome the trauma of such violence. There is also a need of educating men from a
young age to be respectful of the fellow beings, including women and not consider them as a
means of discharging their inner frustration and rage


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