• Sasmita Mohanty , Bibhuti B Pradhan


Many manufacturing companies operate in a competitive and in part unpredictable
market. This is illustrated by shorter product life cycles, decreased forecast accuracy within the
supply chain and often new releases of products. In addition, the total amount of output and the
work description are strongly fluctuating. Rigid organizations face significant challenges if they
are unable to manage targets correctly and rapidly with all value stream processes. Such
situations lead manufacturing firms to pass Lean Production Systems concepts on to other
business divisions, such as growth and operation. The aim is therefore the creation of a Lean
Enterprise which allows for the overall consideration of all processes across the whole value
stream. Through this detailed process orientation all participants in the entire value chain can be
connected together. Therefore it is important to consider both internal and external stakeholders.
This can be regarded as one basic consideration for optimal coordination. Approaches that allow
all processes within a Lean Organization to be dynamically organized have not yet been
developed. Considering this subject, this paper extracts and describes an approach to the
processes of all units across the entire value stream to decide objectives of the corporate
enterprise strategy. Additionally processes can be modified rapidly to cope with competitive and
volatile markets. Thereby a complex integration of all operations can be realized within a Lean


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