• Alaka Samantaray , Bibhuti B Pradhan


Internet marketing nowadays is an important part of e-commerce and involves several
different forms of portraying the business, such as e-mail marketing, digital marketing, social
networking sites, affiliate marketing and so forth. The paper's purpose is to illustrate the value of
email marketing because of the fact that it is regarded one of the most powerful communication
systems. Only the portion of the article is basic metrics used for the email marketing such as
arrival time, open time and user clicking. Recommendations and recommendations for producing
positive emails are at the end of the post. The eye tracking system is also used to examine
Internet users' look at mailbox. Commerce changes the way of business is done by companies.
Recognizing the importance of contributing to the economic growth of the nation through ecommerce, the Iranian government has adopted several approaches to improve e-commerce
activity. Paper aims to enable public and private companies to embrace e-commerce as a tool to
make global markets more competitive. E-mail marketing is one of the methods for e-commerce.
E-mail marketing is a form of direct marketing that uses e-mail to convey commercial or fundraising messages to an audience. There is a systematic review of its benefits and disadvantages in
this journal. Furthermore, the Iranian Marketing Company has some suggestions for improving
e-mail marketing.


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