• Chinmaya Kumar Mohapatra , Sidhartha Das


There is global concern about the fight between human rights and terrorism. Considering
the various situations, however, the type of terrorism is quite different. Human Rights claims
arise where terrorism violates the individual's minimum basic rights. Therefore, the term "human
rights" is synonymous with "terrorism." Indian national and foreign militant organisations are
actively and threateningly active, damaging local property, killing innocent people. To monitor
this hazard, the state has restricted physical resources. On the other hand, the terrorists posed a
significant threat to the internal security of the country. Terrorism is an old issue, posing new
challenges. It has had a drastic impact on human life and the world economy. It is a plague
against humanity. Human rights and terrorism are closely linked. Terrorism is considered to have
occurred in many stages in documented history in almost every part of the world since the 9/11
attacks on the World Trade Center in the United States and the 13 December 2001 attacks on the
Indian Parliament and the 26 November 2008 attacks in Mumbai. Terrorism has taken on a new
dimension and has challenged the very foundations of global civilizationIndia is not unfamiliar
to terrorism. It has long been a militant sufferer, whether in the North-East, Punjab, or Jammu &
Kashmir. Moreover, over the last half decade terrorism has spread to other parts of the world.
The paper addresses the effect that terrorism has on human rights and what its implications are..


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