• Priyabrata Pattanaik , Bibhuti B Pradhan


Nowadays, many healthcare sector poses several significant obstacles. In order to deal
with aging population with chronic illnesses, it also faces problems related to uncoordinated
care, IT integration, and waste of valuable resources. Health care providers are now under
pressure to minimize expenses while increasing the efficiency of patient facilities. As healthcare
is a knowledge-intensive industry, proper knowledge management and use can lead to improved
service delivery methods efficiency. If effectively implemented, a good knowledge management
program will empower clinicians, streamline procedures, and cross service differences, while
generating and maintaining reliable, cost-effective and high-quality results in health care. The
aim of the research is to improve awareness of the role of knowledge and data in healthcare
systems and thereby establish a framework for policies that will help the real delivery of services
better. The paper addresses the handling of health knowledge from the viewpoint of discourse on
information management and emphasize the significance of knowledge-based value
development. The paper emphasizes the knowledge-in-use viewpoint rather than pure
transmission or distribution of information. Given the crucial position of information properties,
the implementation efforts mainly have focused on local problem solving and context-specific
technological approaches. The paper exemplifies a research that offers a structured framework
for examining multiple facets of information management of systems of healthcare. The research
offers useful perspectives for the study of knowledge-based health care structures and this
research is intended to support and elaborate the systems and operational awareness in health
care service


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