• Dr. Mohd. Rizwan Ahmad


Social entrepreneurship is a start-up and entrepreneurial approach in which, finance, and
implement solutions to social, cultural, or environmental issues. This definition can be extended
to a wide range of organizations varying in size, purpose, and creeds. The concept of rising
social entrepreneurship in India and around the world has helped to serve society more
meaningfully than ever before, along with the fullest living of the spirit of entrepreneurship.
Social entrepreneurship is not a modern idea but in recent times the concept's positioning has
risen to new heights. This paper is a detailed study of social entrepreneurship, including the
conceptual framework of social entrepreneurship and its operation. This research paper also
discusses the different challenges faced by social entrepreneurs and puts forward their proposals
to improve the overall social entrepreneurship / entrepreneurship situation in India. More
research paper explores correlation and distinction between social and economic
entrepreneurship, as well as describing social entrepreneurship. The paper also discusses the
principles from an entrepreneurial point of view, such as social needs and technological
developments. Over recent years, social entrepreneurship has expanded its reach and significance
and this paper also covers both fields. Finally, this research paper also illustrates how social
entrepreneurship can alter or impact the social system and social fibres in India and other
developed nations at the bottom of the pyramid stage


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