• Sutikno
  • Rahmat Kartolo
  • Enny Fitriani




As the development era, ritual tolak bala had been transformed into commercial by the Serdang Malay community as a form of creativity. Due to the demands of life and time to be a medical product. Tolak bala as a cure of disease was a part of the local culture that had been touched by creativity of Serdang Community as a commercially viable practice. This research contained social and educational values that were still rooted in the concept of local wisdom. This research was a field research used qualitative methods. The main source of this research was field data obtained from informants who selectively chose with a qualification of depth knowledge of the rituals and practices of Malay Serdang culture. This research was a research about Ethnographic-cultural discipline, while the question was analyzed using a functionalism approach. In the latest development, the research had found the definition of "commercializing" of the nation cultural heritage. Based on the results of the research showed that there had been an attitude change of performing the ritual voluntarily into a commercial attitude based. This research also identified the strong reason that led to the process of change, including the increasing demands of the age to meet the demands of life. The change from volatility to material impetus to commercialization. Medicines that were usually used to treat patients with sincere and voluntary treatment had changed with the payment system; this treatment was not used only to cure a disease but also to maintain a good health. The Serdang Malay community had prepared herbal medicines that had been accommodated with spells or prayers taken from the recitation of the Qur'anic verses. These products were refined in the design of the herbal medicine which had been approved by the POM Hall. Some had also been sold by the Malay Society for among Villages. However, this ritual was still ongoing as much benefit as got in the community particularly in Serdang Malay community, these rituals had a positive impact on their daily lives. The results of this research concluded that the factors led to the commodification of the ritual against the "Disease Treatment" among the Malay community in Kampung Bagan Serdang were the changing economic situation and the rising cost of living, the nature of the society being exposed to various foreign elements and their creativity through the mass media.



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2020-11-07 — Updated on 2020-11-12


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Sutikno, Rahmat Kartolo, & Enny Fitriani. (2020). EVIL AVERT AND REPAIR EFFORT TO IMPROVE THE CULTURE OF MALAY SERDANG COMMUNITY. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 17(3), 900-905. https://doi.org/10.48080/jae.v17i3.192 (Original work published November 7, 2020)