• Khushbu Kumari , Ramanjaney Kumar Upadhyay


This paper aims at exploring the socio-cultural aspect of Angika, a language spoken in Bihar,
which is also known by different other names such as- ‘Aangi’, ‘Angbhasha’, ‘Chikaa-chikii’
(a la Grierson). Although there are studies that have provided the historical and grammatical
descriptions of Angika, there is none from the sociocultural perspective. This paper proposes
to fill up this gap. This socio-cultural description will help us understand the inner dynamics
of social relationship and social structure of Angikan society.
The first section of the paper provides a brief historical account of Angika language, its
origin, and geographical distribution. The second section deals with the socio-cultural aspects
of Angika by taking into account the kinship terms, the terms of address, pronominals and
use of vocatives. In the third section of this paper attempt is made to provide comparison with
Hindi. In addition, some reference of comparison is also be made with Urdu, wherever required, to show the dynamics of religion and caste in the use of language and the formation
of identity based on language.


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