• Dr Kasturi Sinha Ray


The Nolan brothers- Jonathan and Christopher-have a reputation for creating artistic movies and
TV series on original and phenomenal science-fiction ideas. ‘Westworld’ (2016-2020), a
dystopia produced by HBO in three seasons- The Maze (2016), The Door (2018) and The New
World (2020) is yet another of such creations of Jonathan Nolan in collaboration with Lisa Joy.
This paper brings to the fore a discussion on surveillance and an affinity for organised evil
technology have equipped human beings with. In the first two seasons we find high paying
guests buying tickets to slaughter, molest, abuse, mutilate and rape the android hosts in a
semblance of the world minus legal foundations; hundreds of hosts including animals,
manufactured with care and precision, run the show in an amusement park which faithfully
recreates the ‘wild west’. Elements ranging from landforms, sheriffs and cowboys to batwing
bar doors, shot-gun culture, country-folk--all of it comes to life in a looped storyline as scenes
from a play. Every Step of the hosts is monitored and every decision programmed. Once the
hosts fall, they are extracted and repaired daily. The park fetishizes human’s affinity for evil and
sells it as ‘freedom from social constructions’, desirable and a quite expensive commodity:
unleash your basic instincts. Later on, one finds other pockets of the amusement park
harbouring hosts representing the cultures like the Japanese clans, Red Indians, civil war
soldiers--all faithfully brought to life. The final season unveils an artificial intelligence called


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