• Jennifer .P, Dr. A. Muthukumaravel


Information retrieval system completely happened through keyword searching and it compromises with a very large search space as documents to be searched can be of any length and thus time to search in a whole document is also proportional to length of documents i.e. number of words in all documents. By shortening this large search space search time can also be lessening. Searching of data relevant to our query is done by information retrieval system. Keyword searching is the basic idea of this system which tries to solve the large search space problem as the documents to be searched could be of any length. This means time to search will increase with length of document. Search time will be reduced by reducing the search space. In this, we are constructing a method which reduces the searching area with the help of indexing that takes the help of stemming method and knowledge of stopwords. Representation of both, a word and more than one word are done by creating Indices using single concept. The recall is improved by including domain knowledge using ontology while searching



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