Educating the Filipino Youths on the Significance of a Local Historical Event in the Philippines


  • Vitales, V. A., Ferrer, MC.D., Mejia, H.S


In Nueva Ecija, a province in the Philippines “First Cry of Nueva Ecija” was
commemorated every 2nd day of September. This marked the first uprising of the Nueva Ecijans
against colonial Spain. Older generations of Nueva Ecijans are familiar with the events of the
“First Cry”; however, this is different among the present day students (millennials) as observed
by the researchers. This research examined psychologically and historical-politically the
knowledge of the Filipino youths regarding positive and negative aspects of the “First Cry of
Nueva Ecija. Data gathered from the Likert-type questionnaire was analyzed in a descriptivecorrelational manner. Results revealed that age-range of the respondents were from 17 to 20
years old; mostly males; studied from public secondary high schools; and with parents who
obtained college education. The students viewed “First Cry” as positive psychologically and
historical-politically; though they expressed moderate agreement to some negative aspects of the
“First Cry.” Significant relationships were established between the respondents’ profile
characteristics and their positive psychological and historical-political views, but no significant
relationship was established between their profile characteristics and negative views of the “First
Cry”. The result of the study was useful in educating the present-day generation of Filipino
students particularly on the importance of the “First Cry of Nueva Ecija” hence; it is a vital part
of the Philippine history


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