Teaching And Learning English Literature In Nigerian Context: A Study Of Bauchi And Jigawa States


  • Mohammed Abubakar, Bilkisu Isah


When we look at the concept of teaching and learning English Literature in Nigerian
context, we are going to understand that both teaching and learning are related. The relationship
is obvious for that, to effectively teach literature language is integral part. Hence, you cannot
teach or learn literature without language. The tradition, the secondary schools have in Nigerian
context, are indications that Language and literature are two different school disciplines. To high
grades of secondary education, the knowledge of literature and language are imparted differently
by at times the same English teacher. By this difference, literature teachers usually teach some
stories, social and economic dispensation of the society with no emphasis on the textual
language. At the graduation, some students tend to perform better in literature than English
Language. With this background knowledge, this research work focus on existed relations of
language and literature. In this regard, the research suggests the continual observable relations
for effectiveness in both of the disciplines undertaking which in turn result to the overall
attainment of efficiency in approach, imparting and acquisition of the required skills and
information of language and literature across all grades of learning in the country, (Nigeria),
Precisely Bauchi and Jigawa States. The research suggests standardization on all the activities of
both the disciplines. ie language and literature.


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