• Saodat Fatkhullayevna Ubaydullaeva


The study discusses some key issues regarding the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the
international relations, the global economy.
According to the author, slackening of economic relation in global economy, the falldown of
Gross Domestic Product, has counted against many national economies and for global economy as a
whole. In this context, it is also necessary to emphasize that the issue will negatively affect the
cultural and humanitarian relations between the countries, which will also affect and slow down the
pace of development of international relations after the pandemic. The situation that has developed in
the world as a result of a pandemic makes it clear that the emergence of any disease, epidemic,
threatens its mass spread among millions of people and not a single country or state is protected from
this, and the consequences apply to absolutely all spheres of life of a human being. At present, for
many states, along with political and economic problems that need urgent solutions, the construction
of hospitals, their equipping and provision of medical personnel, the lack of which is especially acute
in the context of the global epidemic, has become especially priority. And, in such conditions, the
development of multilateral cooperation is acutely felt, actions together based on the principles of
cooperation in solving priority problems.
The following tasks are revealed in the article: study of the situation in the world related to the
current spread of the coronavirus, the impact of the pandemic on international relations; measures
taken by governments in a pandemic conditions and their effectiveness; Uzbekistan's experience in
counteracting the pandemia; strengthening regional cooperation; Uzbekistan's initiatives to combat the
The general situation, connected with the spread of the pandemia is examined. The
consideration is given to the measures applied by the countries’ governments in combating the
coronavirus pandemia, as well as their effectiveness. The article presents the experience of
Uzbekistan in combating a pandemia, initiatives to combat the crisis, as well as strengthening regional
cooperation with neighboring countries at the current stage.
Currently, only the beginning of regional cooperation between Central Asian states is
observed. The study of the issues of spread of coronavirus, and its impact on international relations
are not well-defined. Since the pandemic has spread throughout the world, there are a lot of questions for research, not only large-scale, but also local in nature. In the course of the work, the author applied
a systematic approach.


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