History and the Discontents: A New Historicist Reading of Alice Borchardt’s Devoted


  • Dr.Anney Alice Sharene


My article attempts to expand on the history that is available in Alice Borchardt’s novel, Devoted
which was published in 1995. Elin is the prime mover of the novel. She is manipulated by
Borchardt in such a way that she negotiates the ecclesiastical history of the past centuries. Elin is
a victim of mass molestation, who finally emerges as a savior of her Christian community. She
redeems the Bishop from the notorious Vikings. Now, in the status of a Bishop’s wife, she not only
eliminates the enemies but also restores order in the community. I have based Devoted on my firm
conviction that it is a text which has eventuated from a specific time and space. Every event which
involves Elin gains a metaphorical signification of the author’s feminist interpolations which set
out to contest History, ultimately emptying it of its contents. Hence, I have used the term
“discontents”, with the application of the new historicist theory, I have attempted to identify the
feminist interventions in the text which not only annihilate the historical notions of Patriarchy but
also establish them as an all salvaging entity.


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