• Dliva Abdullah Ali , Dr. Ebad Rouhi


In order to achieve the development of growth, prosperity, and raising the
level of national income, it has opened its doors to the arrival of Arab and
foreign companies and investors to implement development projects and
contribute to the economic process in the region. The research problem lies in
studying the investment about itself, as the basic information is generally
considered confidential between the investor and the country with which it
was agreed. From the knowledge of the agreement, during which this
information can be viewed in general, it gives us information about the
mistakes that can be made by the investor or the Kurdistan Region, and how
we can benefit from these experiences and extract information from them.
Despite having clear law in the parameters of foreign investment in the
Kurdistan Region, at the same time it has not achieved the expected ambition
to attract foreign investment. The investment was able to help in developing
and expanding the economy for the reconstruction of the Kurdistan Region,
which has suffered for so long from the battles that took place and led to the
destruction of villages and cities. Investing and creating the development
environment for the region and economic development in order to raise the
standard of living for individuals, leads to a fundamental change in the
economic and social structure. The laws of the Kurdistan Region have few
gaps and shortcomings about foreign investment. In order to fill these gaps,
you can benefit from others laws, for example, to benefit from federal laws


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