• Dr. Sandhya Anil Kale


Covid-19 is the most influential perilous virus recent time. It is the diseases of whole community of the world.. It has also caused worries about an imminent financial crisis and downturn in the economy. Community distance maintenances, self-quarantine and travel limits placed a reduction of labor-power across all financial sectors and resulted in the loss of several jobs. Universities, hospitals, and colleges were shut down, eliminating the need for commodities and consumer products. At the other hand, the need for the medical equipment has significantly increased. But due to lockdown, there are a lot of online deliveries like food and other things happening in the household. This article addresses customer service through lockdown period and aftermath for food delivery and its equipments. This paper also will highlight the present scenario India's economic pain from the lockout. Shopping is largely dependent on close and personal consumer and vendor relations activities, while online shopping happens mainly through the web of the retailer. It shows the connection between various parts of internet shopping and the conduct of shopper purchases [12].. According to a recent study by experts at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago and the Center for Indian Economic Monitoring (CMIE), based in Mumbai, "How Are Indian Households Coping Under the Covid-19 Lockdown?” has exalted the issues like the opportunities which has given household online food delivery services in between Covid-19 and post Covid-19.For this research author have used analytical as well as survey method. To fruitful this research many statistical data has been used so that will be clearly visible the current picture of this issues.



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