• Hadi Taleb Mohsen Al-Ajili College of Education for Human Sciences/ University of Babylon, Babylon-Iraq


Al-Mu'tamid bin Abbad, king of Seville, king. There was a lot of news about his person until it was said that Andalus did not know a poet king like him.


The research is an attempt to study the poet’s poetry through the phenomenon of repetition in his poetry and the analysis of the evidence that his hair was loaded with this phenomenon according to the data of the poetic experience and a desire to reach a study of the phenomenon of repetition in his poetry The research was under the title under the title (Repetition in the poetry of Al-Mu'tamid bin Abbad, King of Seville) Therefore, I did not find - as far as I know - who examined this rhetorical rhetorical phenomenon in his poetry, so we had a historical mulch to know the existence of the Banu Abbad in Andalusia and their king in Seville, and how and then to establish their king? .


The topic of the research revolves around three basic demands, such as the first of which is the concept of repetition, language and terminology, and what is the rhythmic effect of its existence in the poetic text being related through the embodied rhythm of emotion and emotional charging in the poetic text. As for the second requirement, it was in the life of the poet Al-Moatamid bin Abbad, the king of Seville, and his poetic achievement which Contradictions that need sound and emotional imaging through the mechanism of rhythmic repetition and what is exposed to it between a king and families and between glory and humiliation between freedom and restrictions are intensified, while the third requirement was in the manifestations of employing repetition in his poetry in his literal, nominal and actual patterns, and the answer to how he served Where does rhythmic repetition the semantic context of a text topic? We tried as much as possible to communicate the idea of ​​emotional focus through the rhythm of repetition and also to explain the culture of the accredited person and his Arab rhetorical references.


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