• Dr. Praveen Kumar


Life is very important. There is one proverb that ‘Health is Wealth,’.  To have a good and healthy life, the physical fitness plays a vital role. Physical fitness as can be called an outcome of practice of sport.  Further we can say that health is an important factor in the holistic development of children. For overall development of children, their health must be good.  In this current global and technical era, changing lifestyles have reduced the physical hard work at all. The present age is the age of information and technology which is giving good facilities to human for easy life but keeping human away from physical hard work. Today to maintain the good health is itself has become a challenge. Though, now there is no alternate to technology, health is on the first priority and it should be maintained properly.  On the basis of an intellectual level, human is changing the environment around them. But forgetting that health is very important and it can be developed by playing games. Sport plays a vital role in physical fitness.  The current paper is an attempt to focus on the importance of sport in the maintenance of good health.


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