• Fitra Putri Oganda , Untung Rahardja , Qurotul Aini , Marviola Hardini , Ankur Singh Bist


Cryptocurrency employments scrambled systems as well as peer-to-peer systems to carefully
encourage trade, an innovation created eight a long time prior. Bitcoin, the primary and most well
known cryptocurrency and clearing the way as an innovation that disturbs the ancient and constant
monetary installment framework that has existed for decades. Whereas cryptocurrency is
improbable to supplant conventional fiat monetary standards, they can alter the way internetconnected worldwide markets are associated with each other, clearing boundaries around
regulating national monetary standards and trade rates. Innovation progresses at tall speed, and
opens the entryway to creating an open and fairly measured computerized economy from a
centralized economy. Cryptocurrency can revolutionize computerized exchanging advertise by
making a free flowing trading framework value. A SWOT analysis of Bitcoin is presented, which
illuminates some of the latest events and movements that can influence whether Bitcoin contributes
to the changing economic paradigm in both the financial and non-financial sectors. Then see the
challenges ahead and business opportunities in this fundamental technology that are all ready to
disrupt this digital world.


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2020-11-29 — Updated on 2020-11-30


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Fitra Putri Oganda , Untung Rahardja , Qurotul Aini , Marviola Hardini , Ankur Singh Bist. (2020). BLOCKCHAIN: VISUALIZATION OF THE BITCOIN FORMULA. PalArch’s Journal of Archaeology of Egypt / Egyptology, 17(6), 308 - 321. Retrieved from (Original work published November 29, 2020)