• Karasayev G. M., Yensenov K. A., Kaliyeva M. S. , Bagdatova S. A., Ermukhanova H. K.


The period of the first decade of independence was marked by a complex transformation of the geopolitical
map of Central Asia as a result of developments in many regions of the world, including the Soviet Union
collapsed in 1991. At this time, the Republic of Kazakhstan was distinguished by a bilateral relationship to
political, economic and other areas with many countries of the world. In particular, diplomatic and interstate
multi-sectoral cooperation with the United States was established with the first term of Kazakhstan's
acquisition of state sovereignty, the basis of communication was formed. The issue of nuclear weapons in
Kazakhstan and their non-proliferation to other States, gradual elimination or withdrawal from the territory of
the Republic became particularly important among the first relations with the United States. From the point of
view of ensuring its national security in the 90-s of XX century Kazakhstan agreed to cooperate actively with
the USA in nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the elimination of its
entire infrastructure in the Republic, the fight against international terrorism, illegal trafficking in weapons of
mass destruction, the breakdown of drugs and organized crime. As a result of bilateral and other affairs, we
can assume that certain work has been done between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the United States these
days. In particular, political, economic and cultural ties between two countries have been established.
Currently, the United States supports Kazakhstan's initiatives in the international arena. The government of the United States of America, non-governmental financial sector, and economic development structures have
expressed a desire to allocate investment allocations aimed at developing the economy of Kazakhstan in
accordance with the requirements of the world market. In other words, the scope of economic integration is
increasing, and the volume of trade relations is increasing every year. The article describes the initiatives and
results of such a relationship between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the United States in 1991-1996 that is
presented on the basis of scientific literature and archival data, and defines its significance and prospects .


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2020-11-29 — Updated on 2020-11-30


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