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  • Elena E. Nemchinova , Alexey A. Vasiliev


The aim of this work was to conduct a study of the modern artistic language of a font poster created in graphic
editors and to establish its connection with graphic techniques of past year styles. The article examined
specific graphic techniques. They performed the analysis of trends in the graphic design of the font poster at
the moment and their connection with various graphic techniques of historical styles is established. The
demand for a font poster in modern conditions requires a deep analysis of it. The specifics of the poster
language expression means are related to the requirements of effective communication, whether it solves a
specific communicative task of a company or embodies designers' own aspirations. This article explores
modern techniques and trends of a font poster artistic language, and its expressive means. A variety of artistic
techniques as a whole has been revealed, ranging from manual graphic techniques to new forms of graphic
digital techniques. They performed the analysis of the artistic techniques of past time styles, outlined the
connection of the artistic techniques of the past and the artistic techniques of modern innovative technologies,
which are based on the styles of the past. The article notes that the well-forgotten old returns in new forms of
digital technology. The provisions of the article reveal the inextricable connection of modern trends in graphic
design with the language of old graphics. The materials of the article will contribute to further developments
of the methodological material on this topic, will help to formulate project tasks, as well as to evaluate the
work in the field of font poster.


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