• Cabrera Vélez, Juan Pablo


This research addresses the issue: "The dependency relationship of the cleaning worker, who works under
the figure of providing complementary activities in Ecuador." The methodology for the development of this
research is descriptive and deductive, will use a qualitative approach, for to be the one of the social sciences
and more punctually of the Right. The present investigation is fully justified by the deep social connotation
that it has, since it is oriented to safeguard the rights of workers in a point as essential as the establishment
of the dependency relationship and which, in turn, allows the achievement of so many others rights derived
from a clear establishment of the labor relationship, considering that within Constituent Mandate No. 8, the
elimination of all forms of outsourcing was regulated in Ecuador, there is a need to understand whether the
provision of complementary activities complies with the characteristics of who acts as patron and of the
company that organizes -to prevent it from constituting mere intermediation-. In the case of the relationship
of dependence of the cleaning worker, who works under the figure of provision of complementary activities,
this question becomes more relevant, since in practice it is evident that the beneficiary has several parameters
in which there will be the employment relationship is fulfilled, therefore.


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2020-11-29 — Updated on 2020-11-30


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