• Dr. Majid Merhej


The scientific approach requires to search realism at Saadi Shirazi Arabic poems. The
researcher has to seek and collect data and information from different trends. Also, taking
different paths or scientific assumptions that include variables to reach the causes, and in the
light of that the image will be perfectly clear to study the realistic image of the poet Saadi
Shirazi analytically based on the clear evidences, proves and criteria. In this paper, the phases
of realistic image will be studied individually at Saadi Shirazi's poets (Analytical study).He is
recognized for the quality of his writings and for the depth of his social and moral thoughts.
Realism is the conclusion of Philosophical thought, which means the real knowledge or the
real realistic of things without fake or external nature reflection toward the individual
behavior, which is a clear concept of realism. Realism is the truth in saying things. The truth
is that realism one of the old concepts that showed up in the 18 century, but its image
manifested since the ancient times, and that what we found in many poets works at Abassid
era such as: Al-Mutnabi, Saadi Shirazi and Abu Al-Alaa Al-Meari. In this paper, the realism
of poetic works to the Iranian inspired poet Saadi Shirazi will be studied . He is one of
literature Persian poets and one of the thought liberators at Persia , and his main subjects are
Eulogy, flirting and sermon. He praised Baghdad through his poetic lines that characterized
with proud, excitement ,praise and satire. He presented to some mental issues realistically
such as wisdom, philosophy, idioms, asceticism, mysticism and others. The poet mental
trends was influenced by the Abbasid civilization because this kind of environment include
all the Natural, political, scientific, social, Art and literal effects even the emotional one, and
that can be seen in his poetic work away from fake. He named as a similar to Al-Mutanabi in
Persian literature .He was effected by many Arab poets such as Abu Al-Taiyb Al-Mutanabi,
and most of his works are in Arabic language. The best he wrote in is Baghdad after being
destroyed by Tatars. It is considered one of the realistic poems, his words express how greatly he loves Baghdad and the reality of Destruction. The search will continue about
realism, praising, flirting, wisdom and others in his Arabic poetic works. Truth is one of the
realistic images, thought can be expressed clearly with no doubt. Truth and Realism are a
chronic thoughts. The research analytical approach is to implement the image of realistic, so
the paper has divided to many sections. The main of his work is " Klistan Saadi" and "The
Orchard". As a result of his influence of Arabic language he wrote many poems in Arabic
language. So, many critics in Arabic and Persian literature considered him as one of the
influenced poets of Arabic language.


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